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ENGLISH MENU Posted by Thor on September 04 2007

Hello guys! First of all, I must write that this English version of TMP is only its mini version - I think there is no need to make it huge or something, because TMP is a site for Polish speakers not knowing English at all. People who know English, may get any info from the Official Therion Site.
I wanted to place here, at English version, some stuff not available at the Official Site, I think there is no sense to place here discography in English or another obvious things which can be easily found at Here will be appearing some extra stuff for people living around the world. Of course, one won't find here a lot of great stuff right now, I can't translate it all into the perfect written English. I may translate it into English having many mistakes (mostly grammatical etc.), then I would like to send it to some guy living in UK, USA or to someone who speaks English from the cradle :) So...
If English is your first language, contact me! You would get only a text written in English, and your mission would be to check it all out, correct everything and send it back to me. Not a hard work, is it? If you're interested, click the envelope

Something (not) funny:

The real meaning of Therion lyrics!

The interviews:

 Christofer Johnsson - 25 VI 2010

Thomas Karlsson - 20 II 2009

 Christofer Johnsson - 06 IX 2008 [MP3 version]

 Christofer Johnsson - 10 V 2008
(for Japanese and Polish official websites)

 Thomas Vikstrm - 30 III 2008
(for this site)

Lori Lewis - 18 I 2008
(for this site)

Snowy Shaw - 28 XII 2007
(for this site)

Thomas Vikstrm - 15 VIII 2007
(for this site)

 Christofer Johnsson - 7 VIII 2007

 Piotr Wawrzeniuk - 08.I.2006
(for this site)

Mats Levn - 25 I 2005

Thomas Karlsson - 16 IX 2003
(for this site)

Sarah Jezebel Deva- 31 XII 2002
(for this site)

Kristian Niemann - 28 IX 2002
(for this site)

 Christofer Johnsson - 12 VIII 1997

 Ivo Elezovic - 30 III 2008
(for this site)

Tommie Eriksson - date unknown
(for Wolfzeit Magazine)


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