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Posted by Thor on August 17 2007 00:49:34


Pliki midi:

Birth Of Venus Illegitima
(autor nieznany)

Crowning Of Atlantis
(autor nieznany)

Cults Of The Shadow
(autor nieznany)

(autor nieznany)

Riders Of Theli
(autor nieznany)

To Mega Therion
(autor nieznany)

From The Dionysian Days
(by Leonel Ivan Miranda Méndez )

Pliki midi spakowane w ZIP:

Nighthtisde Of Eden
Seven Secrets Of The Sphynx
The Siren Of The Woods
(by Sergio Alexander Rico Abella )

Arrival Of The Darkest Queen
Black Sun, Enter Vril-Ya
Flesh Of The Gods
Invocation Of Naamah
Summernight City
Symphony Of The Dead
(autorzy nieznani)