English - Vovin Review
Posted by Thor on September 04 2007 13:39:35


Therion is a phenomenon that is impossible to overrate. A phenomenon that is hard to predict, surprising us from record to record. This exceptional band evolved with each new disc. The album "Lepaca Kliffoth" set the band in first place among other bands of this genre. And "Theli" has shown how metal can share a common thread with symphony.


Vovin is another key to the magic world woven with eternal secrets and heavenly sounds. The band, at that point, had no stable line-up. On Vovin, Christofer Johnsson did not do any vocals. Singing on this album are Martina Hornbacher (Dreams of Sanity), Sarah Jezebel Deva (Cradle of Filth and Covenant), and a male vocalist in "The Wild Hunt", Ralf Scheepers (Primal Fear). But the solo parts on this album are really a rarity among the choir of voices transferring into the world of dreams, beauty and ancient gods. This is what mainly sets Therion apart from other bands. In the music itself, one can feel more of classic heavy metal. Riffs from “Wine of Aluqah” have a similar sound comparable to Iron Maiden’s style. But, there is no sense to make comparisions writing about an art. Therion's music causes us to sink down into the depths of its kingdom, where every sound flows like a regulated wave on a lazy river. Listening to “Clavicula Nox” or “Eye of Shiva”, the music pulls you into an atmosphere of reflection and unequalized beauty. “Raven of Dispersion” seems like unreal reality, along with a cosmic aura. Hearing “The Opening”, “Morning Star”, and “Black Diamonds”, the listener is made aware of the pure power of the orchestra’s symphonic sublimity and fury. “The Rise of Sodom and Gomorrah” is like opening the gates to ancient Persia. Here, every note is a part of a magic puzzle, which affects the beauty, amazing harmonies, and monumental sound to complete this enchanting work of genius. It’s hard to believe that all of these images and ideas are one man’s product. Christofer Johnsson is an uncommon creator. Everything he makes is buckled with clasps of silence and he closes it in his own world, which can be visited only by chosen ones.


It is very hard to play this record without having my feelings affected because it seems like every sound has an intimate dream hidden in the deepest depth of the heart. I cannot put my feeling away, and I know that everything of what has been before I heard Vovin seemed to be emptiness. I know that this album will fascinate many sensitive listeners looking for unconventional sounds, torn off from hard reality.

author: Margaret Napisz do autora
Errors corrected by Eve/Diane - thanks!