Beyond Sanctorum - teksty
Posted by Thor on August 16 2007 18:43:50


Pandemonic Outbreak

Chaos within Laughter of universe
Why is it a sin
To have the will to break out ?
Haunted by their Master
Their Holy God their king of kings (he rules the world)
He says outbreaks are evil (Universe)
To be chained into this lake of fire (Lake of fire)
No sanity exists (Get the ice broken)
Open eyes and truths forbidden (Will raise your mind)
All humans should obey (Time who have decayed)
Heaven's gates will fetter up their souls (Now I will gain it back)
Breaking through the circle
The circle of god
Discover your own will
And break out
Rise to get high
Weakness to deny
Why submit
Be weak and crawl ?
Chaotic skies
Too unordered to fall
Lord of beyond
Lead me through the astral skies

Symphony of the Dead

Your life is a fading to death
When are open you'll pass
You are alone outside your shell
The astral landscapes await
A discovery of the secrets of life
You'll reach through the skies
Your eyes can see the world in beyond
The world of the demised

Beyond Sanctorum

A mystery very old
Is the curiosity of mankind
An endless searching for the bricks of life
But only death is the one who can tell
I seek beyond death
In the light of the astral skies
My third eye can see
The reason why I'll gage my life


Enter The Depths Of Eternal Darkness

What is life ?
When you die you'll see dawn of relize
When you fall you will rise
Your concious is eternal
No need of the flash
Feel the spirits around
Enter the unknown
Days have served you well
But now you've left your shell
You've killed the resistance (of the body)
Now you'll master your powers
There is an end of your life
But not of your soul
To your concious enslaved
There is more than one way
Not only two paths
Why don't you chose your own way ?
We'll rise to be eternal
Rise up, raise your powers
The skies endless eternal
Enter depths of darkness

Illusion Of Life

Passing through a life in eternal misery
You are denying
Why you can't see, this life is - your enemy
See your soul free through eternity
Now is the question, is this a lie
Never stop asking for reasons why
Why can't you see, this life is your enemy
Set your soul free through eternity
The will is the key
To fight your destiny
Your soul should be free
Through eternity
The sanity can open your mind
Your soul would rise to never ever more to fall

The Way

You deny what you can't see. It makes you blind
You don't believe things can't exist; beyond life
No truth can be found by continue your life this way beyond life immortal soul
You'll rise
Things in life, of the old Forgotten now, it's passed
Through all dimensions and ages. You'll be master of your soul
You are the lord of your own mind and will
No enslaver will control your fate



I was not prepared to die
Still dead but feels alive
I lost my self
But now I feel
That I am dead
I feel so weak
Left in shadows
My life has passed
Oh please, let me fade (away)...


Tyrants Of The Damned

Dark age war
Vells of death
Tyrants of the damned
No meaning we saw
Believers of war
They had thirsts of gore
A third reich
Built by bricks of hate
Soon to fall
Just like their fates
Distortions of their minds
Sick believes
To raise the arian race
Thoughts of hate
A nazi mode of thoughts
The scums are dead
And we don't see their reich
No meaning we saw
With this big war
A power of hate
That mankind creates